diemen pepper

The Diemen Pepper product range


Leaf Products:

• gathered by hand, dried and cleaned in our factory, then stored in a controlled environment for processing and sale.

• a unique native Australian bushland flavour – paperbark and herbs, with a lingering heat. It also contains beneficial antioxidants, minerals and vitamins*.

• used in manufacturing and foodservice applications; bulk dry leaf  available as fine (<1mm) or coarse (<2.4mm) mill.  Fresh leaf is seasonally available.

• Packaging: polythene bags 1kg, 2kg and cartons 10 and 12.5kg.




• Sustainably harvested, from March until late May.

• Fresh berries are black and succulent with a hot, crunchy seed cluster at their centre and a beautiful, rich red juice - delightful in pale sauces, jus and garnishes.

• Berries are cleaned and dried either using warm air or by freeze-drying. Airdried berries can be used just like a traditional pepper - in a grinder or crushed in a mortar. Freezedried berries are crumbly and give a beautiful purple colour.

• An excellent addition to the spice cupboard – fruity spice, with a sharp heat.

• Packaging: Bulk supply of air dried berries : whole or milled,  in polyethylene bags: 1kg, 2 kg and cartons of 10 or 12.5kg


Native Food Ingredients:

Diemen Pepper produces some retail-ready packaged products including pepperleaf-flavoured oil and pepperberry vinegar, dried berries in handy resealable pouches, and dried pepper and other native spices in convenient canisters. Domestic and trade enquiries welcome.

Retail Products: